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About us

We are a social enterprise delivering customised corporate training that helps your team to tackle tough conversations. We work in organisations all over Australia.

One hundred percent of our profits support effective youth mental health services. Our funding provides resources which help young people talk about their mental health and help them work through the issues and obstacles that are holding them back. 

With your organisation, we can help you and your teams manage conflict, change, stress the challenges of hybrid working and the legislated psycho safety requirements , all the complex human problems that can limit organisational productivity.


Our Story

Helen Jarvis established Ripple Learning as a corporate training provider and social enterprise which could help both organisations and young people.

As a highly regarded consultant with a reputation for helping organisations to manage change and navigate conflict through mediation, facilitation, coaching and counselling Helen saw two pressing unmet needs,

  • The lack of effective, customised training for organisations which properly addressed the stickiest issues, such as stress, conflict and performance management and wellbeing. Too many so-called "workshops" were cookie-cutter presentations, often online and set to an outdated formula.
  • The lack of accessible mental health services for young people. As Chairperson of KYDS, a free counselling service based in Sydney, Helen could see the overwhelming demand for community-based, free, non-profit mental health services. Youth mental health is an acute and growing crisis in Australia.

The vision is for Ripple Learning to have a "ripple effect" across society, giving both employees and young people the skills and support to address the tough stuff and achieve their potential.

Ripple Learning channels all profits to young mental health services, not only a percentage.

Ask us about how we meet your social impact criteria. 


Our Mission

A cause driven, socially-aware enterprise that delivers high quality, customised training for workplaces, with profits directed to non-profit organisations that effectively help young people overcome mental health challenges.


Our Results

Clients often need our training to resolve a particular issue. The workshops yield high satisfaction ratings and the outcomes the client is seeking.

Some clients think they needed our training to resolve a particular issue, only to discover another layer of messier, more entrenched issues underneath. Initial workshops then lead to more customised and often individualised training. Teams and executives begin to build life-long skills in how to have difficult conversations and how to manage change, stress and conflict and wellbeing – both now and into the future.

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Our Team

Ripple Learning facilitators have been hand-picked for their exceptional skill, experience and passion to "go there".

All our facilitators are skilled at engaging flexibly and responsively to the knowledge, skills, abilities, and experience participants bring to the room.

They do NOT follow a script and read off PowerPoint slides.

They engage in a conversation with the participants and bring theory and research to life through real-life examples, skills demonstrations and supported role-play practice. They also ensure that these workshops are a safe space for participants by establishing rules and boundaries so everyone feels safe and supported during the session.

Our workshop facilitators have extensive professional experience, qualifications and accreditation. They are experienced mediators, counsellors, psychologists, general managers, HR professionals, consultants and coaches.

We carefully match the facilitator to your workplace to ensure that you have someone who understands the industry context and is a good fit for your workplace environment and culture.

Every session is different, and every session is 100% customised to reveal and address the real issues getting in the way of your organisation's productivity.

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Our Board

With a wealth of experience in mediation, counselling, people & culture, governance & risk management, finance and accounting, our Board has the professional credentials necessary to resolve people challenges in organisations.

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Our Supporters

Our loyal supporters enable Ripple Learning to provide high-quality, tailored corporate training workshops to improve productivity. We deeply value their ongoing contribution as all our profits go to charities aiding youth mental health.

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