Short Sessions - Ripple Learning

Short Sessions

1-2 hours

Ideal for Lunch-and-Learns, breakfast sessions or as part of a development day.

Get the short sharp summary version of our expertise through these Short Sessions.

The Series can be delivered in sequence over a number of sessions, or as stand-alone events.

Wellbeing Series
  • Food for your mood
  • How to boost your energy
  • General wellbeing
OR see our full-length Wellbeing workshops

Resilience Series
  • Understanding resilience and stress
  • Physical resilience (food for your mood)
  • Physical resilience (sleep and exercise)
  • Emotional resilience (mindfulness, breathing, connectedness)
  • Cognitive resilience (flexible thinking, locus of control)
  • Spiritual resilience (ensuring clarity of purpose that is aligned to values)
  • Self-management (time management, structured problem solving, perfectionism and procrastination)
OR see our full-length Resilience workshop

Conflict Series
  • Understanding conflict (How to analyse and deconstruct a conflict and move forward)
  • Understanding individual differences in conflict (How our personality, culture and wellbeing affect our response)
  • Skills to de-escalate conflict in the moment
  • Communicating assertively (How to speak directly and respectfully and ensure you’re heard)
  • Managing high-conflict personalities (What to do when nothing seems to work)
OR see our full-length Conflict Management workshops

Boosting Performance Series
  • Understanding motivation
  • Giving feedback
  • Coaching to enhance performance
  • Deep listening
OR see our full-length Performance workshops

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