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Conflict Resolution and ADR Training

ADR workshops for the construction industry

Conflict is an unavoidable part of life – and part of every day in the construction industry. Instead of trying to eradicate conflict, successful construction companies give their leaders the skills to resolve it.
This course is for senior managers in the construction industry. It gives them ways to understand and resolve conflict, with focus on ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) strategies.

Learn how to manage conflict in the construction industry

Our one-day workshop combines the Conflict Resolution and ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) training and was developed specifically for the construction industry. Both courses meet NSW Procurement pre-qualification requirements (SCM1461) and separate certifications are provided for each course.

What your employees will learn in this conflict resolution and ADR training:

  • The types and causes of conflict
  • How to analyse the context of the conflict (including presenting issues, organisational culture, history of change, structural dimensions of the dispute)
  • The different individual responses to conflict
  • The key phases of the conflict resolution process
  • The neurobiology of the stress response
  • Key skills of self-regulation, active listening, assertive communication, apologising effectively and containment of high conflict personalities
  • The range of ADR options available (including Dispute Avoidance Processes, Conciliation, Mediation, Evaluative Mediation, Adjudication and Arbitration)
  • How to select the appropriate ADR approach for the context
  • The value of constructive interest-based negotiation and when to engage this approach
  • Introduction to negotiation skills, strategies and tactics.

This workshop was developed by Helen Jarvis (Experienced Nationally Accredited Mediator) and Ray Fisher (40+ years' experience in the construction industry and past President of Roads Australia). It incorporates case studies and scenarios that are relevant to the construction industry.

Our customised and interactive approach to ADR training

Our facilitators go beyond the surface to understand your business and the particular issues your participants are facing. The workshop becomes a conversation with participants, exploring reallife examples through role-play scenarios.

Choose what works for you

The ADR and conflict resolution workshop can be delivered onsite (the facilitator will come to you) or online (useful if you have employees spread across multiple locations). The facilitator can work with just two people (if you're looking to certify the minimum number) or with your whole team.

You can choose your length:

Full day – Two half day workshops are combined into one day.

In addition to the full day workshop, we also offer coached role-play sessions (ratio of 1:1, 1:2 or 1:3) for staff members who need to take their skills to the stage where they can competently handle any situation.

Ready for customised ADR training?

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