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Managing Stress and Building Resilience

Training that helps your employees understand and manage their individual responses to stress and build resilience in a comprehensive and holistic ways

We all need some stress for optimal performance. But, when it's not managed over the longer term, stress is harmful to both our physical and emotional health

The Managing Stress and Building Resilience workshop covers 5 areas of resilience: purpose & values; cognitive; emotional; physical and behavioural

Participants are supported put together their own individualised plans for building resilience

What your employees will learn:

  • How to recognize the signs of stress and distress in clients, colleagues, family and friends
  • What resilience means as both a protective characteristic and adaptive response to stress
  • Understanding stress:
    • Neurobiology of the stress responses – the way our brain and body responds to stress
    • Goldilocks levels of stress to maximise learning, growth and productivity
    • Positive, tolerable and toxic stress along the Mental Health Continuum
  • How to build resilience in 5 key areas:
    • Spiritual Resilience (eg. clarity of purpose that is aligned to values)
    • Cognitive Resilience (eg. flexible thinking, locus of control)
    • Emotional Resilience (eg. mindfulness, breathing, connectedness)
    • Physical Resilience (eg. diet and exercise)
    • Behavioural Resilience - ie Self-Management Skills (eg time management, structured problem solving, perfectionism and procrastination)

Full day extended workshop

After spending a morning in the half day workshop above, the afternoon session can be spent exploring the factors which are contributing to stress within your workplace. We explore what is contributing to constructive vs destructive levels of stress. The facilitator runs a structured problem-solving session to generate and evaluate possible solutions to address these issues.

Ready to teach your team how to manage stress and build resilience?

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