Ripple Learning

Customised corporate training and workshops in conflict management, wellbeing and performance

Online and onsite for hybrid work

Nobody wants to have difficult conversations

That’s why we specialise in it.

Why start a business offering something nobody thinks they want?

Because we know it’s the best pathway to what you really want: a productive level of stress, constructive conflict at work, improved wellbeing, engagement, productivity and performance.

The ability to have difficult conversations safely is a super power: it empowers your employees to handle any situation and resolve any conflict, leading to greater growth and performance.

Ripple Learning training and workshops expertly create a safe environment where people can discover the real issues causing conflict at work AND where they can learn effective tools and skills to resolve this conflict.

We tackle the tough stuff - safely

We’re here to help people tackle the tough stuff, both in the workplace and in society. As a social enterprise, all profits go directly to help youth mental health.

We are a group of highly experienced and talented facilitators who know how to help your staff resolve conflict safely so they can perform at their best.

We don't hold back from going there and addressing the real, sticky, messy issues. We create a safe space where difficult problems can be addressed and resolved, safely and respectfully.

All profits go to youth mental health

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