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Bianca Keys

Bianca has been a Conflict Resolution Practitioner and Trainer since 2004. She provides conflict management coaching, facilitates team discussions, offers mediation services, and delivers workshops for private commercial organisations, government bodies, and community groups of all sizes.

Bianca firmly believes that conflict is a normal and inevitable part of life and presents an opportunity for understanding and positive change. How we approach the challenges that emerge is fundamental, and to that end Bianca is committed to assisting organisations and the individuals within them to feel more comfortable and able to engage differently and effectively.

Bianca also understands the very real consequences of protracted and long-term workplace conflict, having been appointed as a work injury damages mediator with the NSW Personal Injury Commission. This is one of several appointments as a mediator and/or conciliator under legislative and industry dispute resolution schemes.

Bianca brings diverse experience to her role as a mediator, coach and educator within organisations. Between 2005-2012 Bianca was involved in the design and delivery of dispute resolution schemes for the Australian franchising, horticulture, retail produce/grocery, petroleum, wine-grape, and film exhibition/distribution industries. Between 2014-2022 she was a Director and then Chairperson of the Mediator Standards Board, which oversees the national training and accreditation system for mediators in Australia. Bianca also brings a deep understanding of cross cultural considerations, having worked as a mediator and trainer in the UK, China, Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, and Bahrain.

On an industry level, Bianca is deeply passionate about quality mediation and mediation skills training. She is engaged by several organisations to deliver mediator training to the national standard, as well as coaching and mentoring new practitioners.

Finally, and importantly, Bianca recognises that we spend the majority of our waking hours in the workplace and we all need to find ways to build relationships that support us and those around us. Bianca is committed to helping people better understand the causes of conflict, impacts of conflict, and the role we can play in improving communications to achieve this.