Ray Fisher - Ripple Learning

Ray Fisher

As an experienced Chief Executive and Director, Ray helps executives become better leaders, and helps develop and empower high performance leadership teams.

He brings hands-on experience in managing large heavy industrial complex enterprises, including new startups, with a wide geographic spread and highly mobile workforces. He also brings overseas experience running foreign-based companies which has given him specific leadership skills and sensitivities to ethnic and cultural diversity.

He has a successful track record in leading cultural change of organisations in difficult and complex markets. He guides organisations through the whole range of business stages from rapid growth phase, to dramatic downsizing and restructuring. He is also experienced in the conceptualisation and establishment of Joint Ventures and in the critical cultural change management essential to successful JV outcomes.

He is described as “an empowering leader”, “skilled leader/coach” “visionary”, “strategic to the bone”, “pragmatic, adaptable and entrepreneurial”, “very energetic” and with a “strong operational focus” particularly in tough industries.