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Workplace wellbeing workshops

Customised training for employee wellbeing

Available onsite, online and hybrid

Wellbeing is a crucial prerequisite for productivity, performance, engagement and safety. 

Yet too often, organisations often provide only surface-level fixes that ignore their employees' real needs. 

Ripple Learning provides training that goes to the heart of your employees' wellness needs. We address the real issues around stress, conflict and mental health.

Accidental counsellor workshop

Accidental Counsellor training explores how to have a difficult conversation with a colleague or supplier that is safe for all involved. Your employees will learn how to listen deeply while also maintaining appropriate boundaries so they can support the vulnerable person to feel heard and empower them to find a way forward.

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Stress management workshop

This customised stress management workshop gives your employees the tools and strategies to safely manage their stress now and into the future. Includes strategies on how to deal with accumulated stress, how to prevent it building up and how to address to address stressful situations.

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Resilience workshop

This customised workshop helps your employees build resilience in a comprehensive and holistic way. We cover 5 areas of resilience: purpose+values; cognitive; emotional; physical and self-management.

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Food for your mood

A 1 hour Lunch and Learn on how to improve mental health and wellbeing through the food you eat. We look at brain chemicals, which foods are best for your mental health, quick and easy ‘mood food’ meal ideas and practical tips for busy people on a budget.

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