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Performance Management Training

Develop high-performing teams in your workplace

It can be challenging to know how best to motivate staff and make the necessary changes in behaviour and performance without compromising on morale.

Our face-to-face performance management workshop gives team leaders, supervisors and managers the skills they need to foster a healthy high-performance environment, while adhering to HR and legislative requirements.

What your employees will learn in this performance management training:

  • The range of performance management frameworks (eg 'point in time' feedback, 360 degree surveys, formal annual appraisals, formal and informal coaching)
  • What factors motivate a change in human behaviour
  • How different leadership styles affect performance in different ways
  • How to provide 'point in time' feedback effectively
  • How to coach effectively
  • Key principles and models for how to coach for performance management
  • How to adjust your style to ensure your feedback/coaching is most effective when navigating complexity (eg cultural difference, disability, mental health issues)
  • How to provide performance feedback in the context of bullying and harassment claims

Choose what works for you

  1. Half Day -Typically covers all content areas, includes a demonstration of skills and provides space for half an hour of skills practice or small group discussion.
  2. Full Day - After covering all content, the focus is on building confidence in the execution of skills - taking your team on a journey through the stages of the adult learning cycle; from unconscious incompetence, through conscious incompetence to conscious competence through participation in lots of role-play practice.

Ready to help your leaders foster high-performing teams?

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