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Conflict Resolution Online Training

Online Seminar on how to resolve conflict

This is an open online seminar. You can book as an individual employee or as a team.

How do you respond to conflict? Do you try to wade in and strongly assert your views, or try to avoid the minefield, or suppress your own needs in an effort to make peace, or hunt for a compromise solution?

Unresolved conflict can make our lives stressful and prevent us from performing at our best.

This online seminar gives you skills and tools to de-escalate strong emotions and then move forward with future-focused problem-solving.

What you'll learn

  • how to analyse the conflict to identify the real issues and understand all the contributing factors
  • how different people respond to conflict in different ways
  • how your brain and body responds to stress/distress and how it affects your capacity for rational problem solving
  • conflict resolution processes and tools for a range of situations
  • learn how to listen deeply to de-escalate strong emotions and identify the underlying needs to find the best possible path forward
  • skills for assertive communication
  • how to raise an issue without triggering defensiveness
  • how to apologise effectively when the situation calls for it
  • how to work with high conflict personalities.

Open interactive online seminars

The Conflict Resolution online training is led by highly experienced facilitators who run the sessions as engaging and interactive conversations.

Sessions are held on Zoom.

Cost: $250 per person plus GST

Choose which session you want to attend

  • Friday, 17 November - 9am to 1pm